Class SuggestingErrorOnUnknown

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public class SuggestingErrorOnUnknown extends Object implements org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ErrorOnUnknown
  • Constructor Details

    • SuggestingErrorOnUnknown

      public SuggestingErrorOnUnknown()
  • Method Details

    • errorMessage

      public String errorMessage(String parserName, String unknownField, Iterable<String> candidates)
      Specified by:
      errorMessage in interface org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ErrorOnUnknown
    • priority

      public int priority()
      Specified by:
      priority in interface org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent.ErrorOnUnknown
    • suggest

      public static String suggest(String unknownField, Iterable<String> candidates)
      Builds suggestions for an unknown field, returning an empty string if there aren't any suggestions or " did you mean " and then the list of suggestions.