Class GeoGridAggregator<T extends InternalGeoGrid>

All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.AutoCloseable,, Releasable
Direct Known Subclasses:
GeoHashGridAggregator, GeoTileGridAggregator

public abstract class GeoGridAggregator<T extends InternalGeoGrid>
extends BucketsAggregator
Aggregates data expressed as longs (for efficiency's sake) but formats results as aggregation-specific strings.
  • Field Details

    • requiredSize

      protected final int requiredSize
    • shardSize

      protected final int shardSize
    • valuesSource

      protected final ValuesSource.Numeric valuesSource
    • bucketOrds

      protected final LongKeyedBucketOrds bucketOrds
  • Method Details

    • scoreMode

      public scoreMode()
      Description copied from class: AggregatorBase
      Most aggregators don't need scores, make sure to extend this method if your aggregator needs them.
      Specified by:
      scoreMode in interface
      scoreMode in class AggregatorBase
    • getLeafCollector

      public LeafBucketCollector getLeafCollector​(org.apache.lucene.index.LeafReaderContext ctx, LeafBucketCollector sub) throws
      Description copied from class: AggregatorBase
      Get a LeafBucketCollector for the given ctx, which should delegate to the given collector.
      Specified by:
      getLeafCollector in class AggregatorBase
    • buildAggregations

      public InternalAggregation[] buildAggregations​(long[] owningBucketOrds) throws
      Description copied from class: Aggregator
      Build the results of this aggregation.
      Specified by:
      buildAggregations in class Aggregator
      owningBucketOrds - the ordinals of the buckets that we want to collect from this aggregation
      the results for each ordinal, in the same order as the array of ordinals
    • buildEmptyAggregation

      public InternalGeoGrid buildEmptyAggregation()
      Description copied from class: Aggregator
      Build an empty aggregation.
      Specified by:
      buildEmptyAggregation in class Aggregator
    • doClose

      public void doClose()
      Description copied from class: AggregatorBase
      Release instance-specific data.
      doClose in class AggregatorBase