Interface TransportConnectionListener

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    RemoteClusterConnection, TransportService

    public interface TransportConnectionListener
    A listener interface that allows to react on transport events. All methods may be executed on network threads. Consumers must fork in the case of long running or blocking operations.
    • Method Detail

      • onConnectionOpened

        default void onConnectionOpened​(Transport.Connection connection)
        Called once a connection was opened
        connection - the connection
      • onConnectionClosed

        default void onConnectionClosed​(Transport.Connection connection)
        Called once a connection ws closed.
        connection - the closed connection
      • onNodeConnected

        default void onNodeConnected​(DiscoveryNode node)
        Called once a node connection is opened and registered.
      • onNodeDisconnected

        default void onNodeDisconnected​(DiscoveryNode node)
        Called once a node connection is closed and unregistered.