Interface Transport

    • Method Detail

      • getRequestHandler

        RequestHandlerRegistry<? extends TransportRequest> getRequestHandler​(java.lang.String action)
        Returns the registered request handler registry for the given action or null if it's not registered
        action - the action to look up
      • profileBoundAddresses

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​BoundTransportAddress> profileBoundAddresses()
        Further profile bound addresses
        null iff profiles are unsupported, otherwise a map with name of profile and its bound transport address
      • addressesFromString

        TransportAddress[] addressesFromString​(java.lang.String address,
                                               int perAddressLimit)
        Returns an address from its string representation.
      • getLocalAddresses

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getLocalAddresses()
        Returns a list of all local adresses for this transport
      • getInFlightRequestBreaker

        default CircuitBreaker getInFlightRequestBreaker()
      • openConnection

        Releasable openConnection​(DiscoveryNode node,
                                  ConnectionProfile profile,
                                  ActionListener<Transport.Connection> listener)
        Opens a new connection to the given node. When the connection is fully connected, the listener is called. A Releasable is returned representing the pending connection. If the caller of this method decides to move on before the listener is called with the completed connection, they should release the pending connection to prevent hanging connections.