Interface TcpChannel

  • All Superinterfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable,, CloseableChannel

    public interface TcpChannel
    extends CloseableChannel
    This is a tcp channel representing a single channel connection to another node. It is the base channel abstraction used by the TcpTransport and TransportService. All tcp transport implementations must return channels that adhere to the required method contracts.
    • Method Detail

      • isServerChannel

        boolean isServerChannel()
        Indicates if the channel is an inbound server channel.
      • getProfile

        java.lang.String getProfile()
        This returns the profile for this channel.
      • getLocalAddress getLocalAddress()
        Returns the local address for this channel.
        the local address of this channel.
      • getRemoteAddress getRemoteAddress()
        Returns the remote address for this channel. Can be null if channel does not have a remote address.
        the remote address of this channel.
      • sendMessage

        void sendMessage​(BytesReference reference,
                         ActionListener<java.lang.Void> listener)
        Sends a tcp message to the channel. The listener will be executed once the send process has been completed.
        reference - to send to channel
        listener - to execute upon send completion
      • addConnectListener

        void addConnectListener​(ActionListener<java.lang.Void> listener)
        Adds a listener that will be executed when the channel is connected. If the channel is still unconnected when this listener is added, the listener will be executed by the thread that eventually finishes the channel connection. If the channel is already connected when the listener is added the listener will immediately be executed by the thread that is attempting to add the listener.
        listener - to be executed