Class BucketHelpers

  • public class BucketHelpers
    extends java.lang.Object
    A set of static helpers to simplify working with aggregation buckets, in particular providing utilities that help pipeline aggregations.
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      • BucketHelpers

        public BucketHelpers()
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      • resolveBucketValue

        public static java.lang.Double resolveBucketValue​(MultiBucketsAggregation agg,
                                                          InternalMultiBucketAggregation.InternalBucket bucket,
                                                          java.lang.String aggPath,
                                                          BucketHelpers.GapPolicy gapPolicy)
        Given a path and a set of buckets, this method will return the value inside the agg at that path. This is used to extract values for use by pipeline aggregations (e.g. a derivative might need the price for each bucket). If the bucket is empty, the configured GapPolicy is invoked to resolve the missing bucket
        agg - A series of agg buckets in the form of a histogram
        bucket - A specific bucket that a value needs to be extracted from. This bucket should be present in the histo parameter
        aggPath - The path to a particular value that needs to be extracted. This path should point to a metric inside the bucket
        gapPolicy - The gap policy to apply if empty buckets are found
        The value extracted from bucket found at aggPath