Class FileRestoreContext

  • public abstract class FileRestoreContext
    extends java.lang.Object
    This context will execute a file restore of the lucene files. It is primarily designed to be used to restore from some form of a snapshot. It will setup a new store, identify files that need to be copied for the source, and perform the copies. Implementers must implement the functionality of opening the underlying file streams for snapshotted lucene file.
    • Field Detail

      • logger

        protected static final org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger logger
      • repositoryName

        protected final java.lang.String repositoryName
      • indexShard

        protected final IndexShard indexShard
      • snapshotId

        protected final SnapshotId snapshotId
      • shardId

        protected final ShardId shardId
      • bufferSize

        protected final int bufferSize
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileRestoreContext

        protected FileRestoreContext​(java.lang.String repositoryName,
                                     IndexShard indexShard,
                                     SnapshotId snapshotId,
                                     RecoveryState recoveryState,
                                     int bufferSize)
        Constructs new restore context
        indexShard - shard to restore into
        snapshotId - snapshot id
        recoveryState - recovery state to report progress
        bufferSize - buffer size for restore