Interface ActionPlugin

  • public interface ActionPlugin
    An additional extension point for Plugins that extends Elasticsearch's scripting functionality. Implement it like this:
       {@literal @}Override
       public List<ActionHandler<?, ?>> getActions() {
           return Arrays.asList(new ActionHandler<>(ReindexAction.INSTANCE, TransportReindexAction.class),
                   new ActionHandler<>(UpdateByQueryAction.INSTANCE, TransportUpdateByQueryAction.class),
                   new ActionHandler<>(DeleteByQueryAction.INSTANCE, TransportDeleteByQueryAction.class),
                   new ActionHandler<>(RethrottleAction.INSTANCE, TransportRethrottleAction.class));
    • Method Detail

      • getActionFilters

        default java.util.List<ActionFilter> getActionFilters()
        Action filters added by this plugin.
      • getRestHeaders

        default java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getRestHeaders()
        Returns headers which should be copied through rest requests on to internal requests.
      • getTaskHeaders

        default java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> getTaskHeaders()
        Returns headers which should be copied from internal requests into tasks.
      • getRestHandlerWrapper

        default java.util.function.UnaryOperator<RestHandler> getRestHandlerWrapper​(ThreadContext threadContext)
        Returns a function used to wrap each rest request before handling the request. The returned UnaryOperator is called for every incoming rest request and receives the original rest handler as it's input. This allows adding arbitrary functionality around rest request handlers to do for instance logging or authentication. A simple example of how to only allow GET request is here:
            UnaryOperator<RestHandler> getRestHandlerWrapper(ThreadContext threadContext) {
              return originalHandler -> (RestHandler) (request, channel, client) -> {
                if (request.method() != Method.GET) {
                  throw new IllegalStateException("only GET requests are allowed");
                originalHandler.handleRequest(request, channel, client);
        Note: Only one installed plugin may implement a rest wrapper.