Class Processor.Parameters

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class Processor.Parameters
    extends java.lang.Object
    Infrastructure class that holds services that can be used by processor factories to create processor instances and that gets passed around to all IngestPlugins.
    • Field Detail

      • env

        public final Environment env
        Useful to provide access to the node's environment like config directory to processor factories.
      • scriptService

        public final ScriptService scriptService
        Provides processors script support.
      • analysisRegistry

        public final AnalysisRegistry analysisRegistry
        Provide analyzer support
      • threadContext

        public final ThreadContext threadContext
        Allows processors to read headers set by ActionFilter instances that have run prior to in ingest.
      • relativeTimeSupplier

        public final java.util.function.LongSupplier relativeTimeSupplier
      • scheduler

        public final java.util.function.BiFunction<java.lang.Long,​java.lang.Runnable,​java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture<?>> scheduler
        Provides scheduler support
    • Constructor Detail

      • Parameters

        public Parameters​(Environment env,
                          ScriptService scriptService,
                          AnalysisRegistry analysisRegistry,
                          ThreadContext threadContext,
                          java.util.function.LongSupplier relativeTimeSupplier,
                          java.util.function.BiFunction<java.lang.Long,​java.lang.Runnable,​java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture<?>> scheduler,
                          IngestService ingestService)