Class SinglePackedOrdinals

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    public class SinglePackedOrdinals
    extends Ordinals
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      java.util.Collection<org.apache.lucene.util.Accountable> getChildResources()  
      org.apache.lucene.index.SortedSetDocValues ordinals​(Ordinals.ValuesHolder values)  
      long ramBytesUsed()
      The memory size this ordinals take.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SinglePackedOrdinals

        public SinglePackedOrdinals​(OrdinalsBuilder builder,
                                    float acceptableOverheadRatio)
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      • ramBytesUsed

        public long ramBytesUsed()
        Description copied from class: Ordinals
        The memory size this ordinals take.
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        ramBytesUsed in interface org.apache.lucene.util.Accountable
        Specified by:
        ramBytesUsed in class Ordinals
      • getChildResources

        public java.util.Collection<org.apache.lucene.util.Accountable> getChildResources()