Class DiscoverySettings

  • public class DiscoverySettings
    extends java.lang.Object
    Exposes common discovery settings that may be supported by all the different discovery implementations
    • Field Detail


        public static final ClusterBlock NO_MASTER_BLOCK_ALL

        public static final ClusterBlock NO_MASTER_BLOCK_WRITES

        public static final Setting<TimeValue> PUBLISH_TIMEOUT_SETTING
        sets the timeout for a complete publishing cycle, including both sending and committing. the master will continue to process the next cluster state update after this time has elapsed

        public static final Setting<TimeValue> COMMIT_TIMEOUT_SETTING
        sets the timeout for receiving enough acks for a specific cluster state and committing it. failing to receive responses within this window will cause the cluster state change to be rejected.

        public static final Setting<java.lang.Boolean> PUBLISH_DIFF_ENABLE_SETTING

        public static final Setting<TimeValue> INITIAL_STATE_TIMEOUT_SETTING
    • Method Detail

      • getPublishTimeout

        public TimeValue getPublishTimeout()
        Returns the current publish timeout
      • getCommitTimeout

        public TimeValue getCommitTimeout()
      • getPublishDiff

        public boolean getPublishDiff()