Class ClusterSearchShardsRequestBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • setRouting

        public ClusterSearchShardsRequestBuilder setRouting​(java.lang.String routing)
        A comma separated list of routing values to control the shards the search will be executed on.
      • setRouting

        public ClusterSearchShardsRequestBuilder setRouting​(java.lang.String... routing)
        The routing values to control the shards that the search will be executed on.
      • setPreference

        public ClusterSearchShardsRequestBuilder setPreference​(java.lang.String preference)
        Sets the preference to execute the search. Defaults to randomize across shards. Can be set to _local to prefer local shards, _primary to execute only on primary shards, or a custom value, which guarantees that the same order will be used across different requests.
      • setIndicesOptions

        public ClusterSearchShardsRequestBuilder setIndicesOptions​(IndicesOptions indicesOptions)
        Specifies what type of requested indices to ignore and how to deal indices wildcard expressions. For example indices that don't exist.