Class LeafBucketCollectorBase

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    public class LeafBucketCollectorBase
    extends LeafBucketCollector
    A LeafBucketCollector that delegates all calls to the sub leaf aggregator and sets the scorer on its source of values if it implements ScorerAware.
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      void collect​(int doc, long bucket)
      Collect the given doc in the given bucket.
      void setScorer​( s)  
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      • setScorer

        public void setScorer​( s)
        Specified by:
        setScorer in interface
        setScorer in class LeafBucketCollector
      • collect

        public void collect​(int doc,
                            long bucket)
        Description copied from class: LeafBucketCollector
        Collect the given doc in the given bucket.
        Specified by:
        collect in class LeafBucketCollector