Class LeaderBulkByScrollTaskState

  • public class LeaderBulkByScrollTaskState
    extends java.lang.Object
    Tracks the state of sliced subtasks and provides unified status information for a sliced BulkByScrollRequest.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LeaderBulkByScrollTaskState

        public LeaderBulkByScrollTaskState​(BulkByScrollTask task,
                                           int slices)
    • Method Detail

      • getSlices

        public int getSlices()
        Returns the number of slices this BulkByScrollRequest will use
      • runningSliceSubTasks

        public int runningSliceSubTasks()
        The number of sliced subtasks that are still running
      • onSliceFailure

        public void onSliceFailure​(ActionListener<BulkByScrollResponse> listener,
                                   int sliceId,
                                   java.lang.Exception e)
        Record a failure from a slice and respond to the listener if the request is finished.