Interface Translog.Snapshot

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    public static interface Translog.Snapshot
    A snapshot of the transaction log, allows to iterate over all the transaction log operations.
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      • totalOperations

        int totalOperations()
        The total estimated number of operations in the snapshot.
      • skippedOperations

        default int skippedOperations()
        The number of operations have been skipped (overridden or trimmed) in the snapshot so far.
      • overriddenOperations

        default int overriddenOperations()
        The number of operations have been overridden (eg. superseded) in the snapshot so far. If two operations have the same sequence number, the operation with a lower term will be overridden by the operation with a higher term. Unlike totalOperations(), this value is updated each time after next()) is called.
      • next

        Translog.Operation next()
        Returns the next operation in the snapshot or null if we reached the end.