Interface ActionFilter

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    public interface ActionFilter
    A filter allowing to filter transport actions
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      static class  ActionFilter.Simple
      A simple base class for injectable action filters that spares the implementation from handling the filter chain.
    • Method Detail

      • order

        int order()
        The position of the filter in the chain. Execution is done from lowest order to highest.
      • apply

        <Request extends ActionRequest,​Response extends ActionResponse> void apply​(Task task,
                                                                                         java.lang.String action,
                                                                                         Request request,
                                                                                         ActionListener<Response> listener,
                                                                                         ActionFilterChain<Request,​Response> chain)
        Enables filtering the execution of an action on the request side, either by sending a response through the ActionListener or by continuing the execution through the given chain