Package org.elasticsearch.geometry.utils

package org.elasticsearch.geometry.utils
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    Utilities for common Bit twiddling methods.
    Validator that checks that lats are between -90 and +90 and lons are between -180 and +180 and altitude is present only if ignoreZValue is set to true
    Utilities for converting to/from the GeoHash standard The geohash long format is represented as lon/lat (x/y) interleaved with the 4 least significant bits representing the level (1-12) [xyxy...xyxyllll] This differs from a morton encoded value which interleaves lat/lon (y/x).
    Generic geometry validator that can be used by the parser to verify the validity of the parsed geometry
    Validator that only checks that altitude only shows up if ignoreZValue is set to true.
    Utility class for converting to and from WKT