All Classes and Interfaces

A basic RefCounted implementation that is initialized with a ref count of 1 and calls AbstractRefCounted.closeInternal() once it reaches a 0 ref count.
Helper class similar to Arrays to handle conversions for Char arrays
A Consumer-like interface which allows throwing checked exceptions.
A Function-like interface which allows throwing checked exceptions.
A Runnable-like interface which allows throwing checked exceptions.
A thread-safe completable context that allows listeners to be attached.
Similar to Lucene's SloppyMath, but for additional math functions.
Utility class for glob-like matching
Utilities for common I/O methods.
Simple check for duplicate class files across the classpath.
Utilities for network-related methods.
The presence of this annotation on a method parameter indicates that null is an acceptable value for that parameter.
Utilities for creating a Path from names, or accessing the default FileSystem.
An interface for objects that need to be notified when all reference to itself are not in user anymore.
Specialization of Closeable that may only throw a RuntimeException.
Utility methods to work with Releasables.
Vestigial marker to make v8-style version-aware routing backportable to 7.x.
Simple utility methods for file and stream copying.
Annotation to suppress forbidden-apis errors inside a whole class, a method, or a field.
Contains utilities for working with Java types.