Class JobUpdate.Builder

Enclosing class:

public static class JobUpdate.Builder
extends java.lang.Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder​(java.lang.String jobId)
      New JobUpdate.Builder object for the existing job
      jobId - non-null `jobId` for referencing an exising Job
  • Method Details

    • setGroups

      public JobUpdate.Builder setGroups​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> groups)
      Set the job groups Updates the Job.groups setting
      groups - A list of group names
    • setDescription

      public JobUpdate.Builder setDescription​(java.lang.String description)
      Set the job description Updates the Job.description setting
      description - the desired Machine Learning job description
    • setDetectorUpdates

      public JobUpdate.Builder setDetectorUpdates​(java.util.List<JobUpdate.DetectorUpdate> detectorUpdates)
      The detector updates to apply to the job Updates the AnalysisConfig.detectors setting
      detectorUpdates - list of JobUpdate.DetectorUpdate objects
    • setModelPlotConfig

      public JobUpdate.Builder setModelPlotConfig​(ModelPlotConfig modelPlotConfig)
      Enables/disables the model plot config setting through ModelPlotConfig.enabled Updates the Job.modelPlotConfig setting
      modelPlotConfig - ModelPlotConfig object with updated fields
    • setAnalysisLimits

      public JobUpdate.Builder setAnalysisLimits​(AnalysisLimits analysisLimits)
      Sets new AnalysisLimits for the Job Updates the Job.analysisLimits setting
      analysisLimits - Updates to AnalysisLimits
    • setRenormalizationWindowDays

      public JobUpdate.Builder setRenormalizationWindowDays​(java.lang.Long renormalizationWindowDays)
      Advanced configuration option. The period over which adjustments to the score are applied, as new data is seen Updates the Job.renormalizationWindowDays setting
      renormalizationWindowDays - number of renormalization window days
    • setBackgroundPersistInterval

      public JobUpdate.Builder setBackgroundPersistInterval​(org.elasticsearch.common.unit.TimeValue backgroundPersistInterval)
      Advanced configuration option. The time between each periodic persistence of the model Updates the Job.backgroundPersistInterval setting
      backgroundPersistInterval - the time between background persistence
    • setModelSnapshotRetentionDays

      public JobUpdate.Builder setModelSnapshotRetentionDays​(java.lang.Long modelSnapshotRetentionDays)
      The time in days that model snapshots are retained for the job. Updates the Job.modelSnapshotRetentionDays setting
      modelSnapshotRetentionDays - number of days to keep a model snapshot
    • setDailyModelSnapshotRetentionAfterDays

      public JobUpdate.Builder setDailyModelSnapshotRetentionAfterDays​(java.lang.Long dailyModelSnapshotRetentionAfterDays)
      The time in days after which only one model snapshot per day is retained for the job. Updates the Job.dailyModelSnapshotRetentionAfterDays setting
      dailyModelSnapshotRetentionAfterDays - number of days to keep a model snapshot
    • setResultsRetentionDays

      public JobUpdate.Builder setResultsRetentionDays​(java.lang.Long resultsRetentionDays)
      Advanced configuration option. The number of days for which job results are retained Updates the Job.resultsRetentionDays setting
      resultsRetentionDays - number of days to keep results.
    • setCategorizationFilters

      public JobUpdate.Builder setCategorizationFilters​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> categorizationFilters)
      Sets the categorization filters on the Job Updates the AnalysisConfig.categorizationFilters setting. Requires AnalysisConfig.categorizationFieldName to have been set on the existing Job.
      categorizationFilters - list of categorization filters for the Job's AnalysisConfig
    • setPerPartitionCategorizationConfig

      public JobUpdate.Builder setPerPartitionCategorizationConfig​(PerPartitionCategorizationConfig perPartitionCategorizationConfig)
      Sets the per-partition categorization options on the Job Updates the AnalysisConfig.perPartitionCategorizationConfig setting. Requires AnalysisConfig.perPartitionCategorizationConfig to have been set on the existing Job.
      perPartitionCategorizationConfig - per-partition categorization options for the Job's AnalysisConfig
    • setCustomSettings

      public JobUpdate.Builder setCustomSettings​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> customSettings)
      Contains custom meta data about the job. Updates the Job.customSettings setting
      customSettings - custom settings map for the job
    • setAllowLazyOpen

      public JobUpdate.Builder setAllowLazyOpen​(boolean allowLazyOpen)
    • build

      public JobUpdate build()