Class SimulateIndexTemplateRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimulateIndexTemplateRequest
extends TimedRequest
A request to simulate matching a provided index name and an optional new index template against the existing index templates.
  • Constructor Details

    • SimulateIndexTemplateRequest

      public SimulateIndexTemplateRequest​(java.lang.String indexName)
  • Method Details

    • indexName

      public java.lang.String indexName()
      Return the index name for which we simulate the index template matching.
    • indexName

      public SimulateIndexTemplateRequest indexName​(java.lang.String indexName)
      Set the index name to simulate template matching against the index templates in the system.
    • indexTemplateV2Request

      @Nullable public PutComposableIndexTemplateRequest indexTemplateV2Request()
      An optional new template request will be part of the index template simulation.
    • indexTemplateV2Request

      public SimulateIndexTemplateRequest indexTemplateV2Request​(@Nullable PutComposableIndexTemplateRequest indexTemplateV2Request)
      Optionally, define a new template request which will included in the index simulation as if it was an index template stored in the system. The new template will be validated just as a regular, standalone, live, new index template request.