Class JacksonJsonpMapper

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public class JacksonJsonpMapper extends JsonpMapperBase
  • Constructor Details

    • JacksonJsonpMapper

      public JacksonJsonpMapper(com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper objectMapper)
    • JacksonJsonpMapper

      public JacksonJsonpMapper()
  • Method Details

    • withAttribute

      public <T> JsonpMapper withAttribute(String name, T value)
      Description copied from interface: JsonpMapper
      Create a new mapper with an additional attribute.

      The JsonpMapperFeatures class contains the names of attributes that all implementations of JsonpMapper must implement.

      See Also:
    • objectMapper

      public com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper objectMapper()
      Returns the underlying Jackson mapper.
    • jsonProvider

      public jakarta.json.spi.JsonProvider jsonProvider()
      Description copied from interface: JsonpMapper
      Return the JSON-P provider, to create JSON parsers and generators.
    • getDefaultDeserializer

      protected <T> JsonpDeserializer<T> getDefaultDeserializer(Type type)
      Description copied from class: JsonpMapperBase
      Get a serializer when none of the builtin ones are applicable
      Specified by:
      getDefaultDeserializer in class JsonpMapperBase
    • serialize

      public <T> void serialize(T value, generator)
      Description copied from interface: JsonpMapper
      Serialize an object.