Class TasksRecord.Builder

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public static class TasksRecord.Builder
extends ObjectBuilderBase
implements ObjectBuilder<TasksRecord>
Builder for TasksRecord.
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • id

      public final TasksRecord.Builder id​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      id of the task with the node

      API name: id

    • action

      public final TasksRecord.Builder action​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      task action

      API name: action

    • taskId

      public final TasksRecord.Builder taskId​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      unique task id

      API name: task_id

    • parentTaskId

      public final TasksRecord.Builder parentTaskId​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      parent task id

      API name: parent_task_id

    • type

      public final TasksRecord.Builder type​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      task type

      API name: type

    • startTime

      public final TasksRecord.Builder startTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      start time in ms

      API name: start_time

    • timestamp

      public final TasksRecord.Builder timestamp​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      start time in HH:MM:SS

      API name: timestamp

    • runningTimeNs

      public final TasksRecord.Builder runningTimeNs​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      running time ns

      API name: running_time_ns

    • runningTime

      public final TasksRecord.Builder runningTime​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      running time

      API name: running_time

    • nodeId

      public final TasksRecord.Builder nodeId​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      unique node id

      API name: node_id

    • ip

      public final TasksRecord.Builder ip​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      ip address

      API name: ip

    • port

      public final TasksRecord.Builder port​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      bound transport port

      API name: port

    • node

      public final TasksRecord.Builder node​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      node name

      API name: node

    • version

      public final TasksRecord.Builder version​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      es version

      API name: version

    • xOpaqueId

      public final TasksRecord.Builder xOpaqueId​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      X-Opaque-ID header

      API name: x_opaque_id

    • description

      public final TasksRecord.Builder description​(@Nullable java.lang.String value)
      task action

      API name: description

    • build

      public TasksRecord build()
      Builds a TasksRecord.
      Specified by:
      build in interface ObjectBuilder<TasksRecord>
      java.lang.NullPointerException - if some of the required fields are null.