Class SubmitRequest

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public class SubmitRequest
extends RequestBase
implements JsonpSerializable
Executes a search request asynchronously.
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    • of

      public static SubmitRequest of​(java.util.function.Function<SubmitRequest.Builder,​ObjectBuilder<SubmitRequest>> fn)
    • source

      @Nullable public final SourceConfig source()
      Indicates which source fields are returned for matching documents. These fields are returned in the hits._source property of the search response.

      API name: _source

    • aggregations

      public final java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​Aggregation> aggregations()
      API name: aggregations
    • allowNoIndices

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean allowNoIndices()
      Whether to ignore if a wildcard indices expression resolves into no concrete indices. (This includes _all string or when no indices have been specified)

      API name: allow_no_indices

    • allowPartialSearchResults

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean allowPartialSearchResults()
      Indicate if an error should be returned if there is a partial search failure or timeout

      API name: allow_partial_search_results

    • analyzeWildcard

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean analyzeWildcard()
      Specify whether wildcard and prefix queries should be analyzed (default: false)

      API name: analyze_wildcard

    • analyzer

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String analyzer()
      The analyzer to use for the query string

      API name: analyzer

    • batchedReduceSize

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long batchedReduceSize()
      The number of shard results that should be reduced at once on the coordinating node. This value should be used as the granularity at which progress results will be made available.

      API name: batched_reduce_size

    • ccsMinimizeRoundtrips

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean ccsMinimizeRoundtrips()
      API name: ccs_minimize_roundtrips
    • collapse

      @Nullable public final FieldCollapse collapse()
      API name: collapse
    • defaultOperator

      @Nullable public final Operator defaultOperator()
      The default operator for query string query (AND or OR)

      API name: default_operator

    • df

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String df()
      The field to use as default where no field prefix is given in the query string

      API name: df

    • docvalueFields

      public final java.util.List<FieldAndFormat> docvalueFields()
      Array of wildcard (*) patterns. The request returns doc values for field names matching these patterns in the hits.fields property of the response.

      API name: docvalue_fields

    • expandWildcards

      public final java.util.List<ExpandWildcard> expandWildcards()
      Whether to expand wildcard expression to concrete indices that are open, closed or both.

      API name: expand_wildcards

    • explain

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean explain()
      If true, returns detailed information about score computation as part of a hit.

      API name: explain

    • fields

      public final java.util.List<FieldAndFormat> fields()
      Array of wildcard (*) patterns. The request returns values for field names matching these patterns in the hits.fields property of the response.

      API name: fields

    • from

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Integer from()
      Starting document offset. By default, you cannot page through more than 10,000 hits using the from and size parameters. To page through more hits, use the search_after parameter.

      API name: from

    • highlight

      @Nullable public final Highlight highlight()
      API name: highlight
    • ignoreThrottled

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean ignoreThrottled()
      Whether specified concrete, expanded or aliased indices should be ignored when throttled

      API name: ignore_throttled

    • ignoreUnavailable

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean ignoreUnavailable()
      Whether specified concrete indices should be ignored when unavailable (missing or closed)

      API name: ignore_unavailable

    • index

      public final java.util.List<java.lang.String> index()
      A comma-separated list of index names to search; use _all or empty string to perform the operation on all indices

      API name: index

    • indicesBoost

      public final java.util.List<java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Double>> indicesBoost()
      Boosts the _score of documents from specified indices.

      API name: indices_boost

    • keepAlive

      @Nullable public final Time keepAlive()
      Update the time interval in which the results (partial or final) for this search will be available

      API name: keep_alive

    • keepOnCompletion

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean keepOnCompletion()
      Control whether the response should be stored in the cluster if it completed within the provided [wait_for_completion] time (default: false)

      API name: keep_on_completion

    • lenient

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean lenient()
      Specify whether format-based query failures (such as providing text to a numeric field) should be ignored

      API name: lenient

    • maxConcurrentShardRequests

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long maxConcurrentShardRequests()
      The number of concurrent shard requests per node this search executes concurrently. This value should be used to limit the impact of the search on the cluster in order to limit the number of concurrent shard requests

      API name: max_concurrent_shard_requests

    • minCompatibleShardNode

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String minCompatibleShardNode()
      API name: min_compatible_shard_node
    • minScore

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Double minScore()
      Minimum _score for matching documents. Documents with a lower _score are not included in the search results.

      API name: min_score

    • pit

      @Nullable public final PointInTimeReference pit()
      Limits the search to a point in time (PIT). If you provide a PIT, you cannot specify an <index> in the request path.

      API name: pit

    • postFilter

      @Nullable public final Query postFilter()
      API name: post_filter
    • preFilterShardSize

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long preFilterShardSize()
      API name: pre_filter_shard_size
    • preference

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String preference()
      Specify the node or shard the operation should be performed on (default: random)

      API name: preference

    • profile

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean profile()
      API name: profile
    • q

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String q()
      Query in the Lucene query string syntax

      API name: q

    • query

      @Nullable public final Query query()
      Defines the search definition using the Query DSL.

      API name: query

    • requestCache

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean requestCache()
      Specify if request cache should be used for this request or not, defaults to true

      API name: request_cache

    • rescore

      public final java.util.List<Rescore> rescore()
      API name: rescore
    • routing

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String routing()
      A comma-separated list of specific routing values

      API name: routing

    • runtimeMappings

      public final java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​RuntimeField> runtimeMappings()
      Defines one or more runtime fields in the search request. These fields take precedence over mapped fields with the same name.

      API name: runtime_mappings

    • scriptFields

      public final java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​ScriptField> scriptFields()
      Retrieve a script evaluation (based on different fields) for each hit.

      API name: script_fields

    • scroll

      @Nullable public final Time scroll()
      API name: scroll
    • searchAfter

      public final java.util.List<java.lang.String> searchAfter()
      API name: search_after
    • searchType

      @Nullable public final SearchType searchType()
      Search operation type

      API name: search_type

    • seqNoPrimaryTerm

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean seqNoPrimaryTerm()
      If true, returns sequence number and primary term of the last modification of each hit. See Optimistic concurrency control.

      API name: seq_no_primary_term

    • size

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Integer size()
      The number of hits to return. By default, you cannot page through more than 10,000 hits using the from and size parameters. To page through more hits, use the search_after parameter.

      API name: size

    • slice

      @Nullable public final SlicedScroll slice()
      API name: slice
    • sort

      public final java.util.List<SortOptions> sort()
      API name: sort
    • stats

      public final java.util.List<java.lang.String> stats()
      Stats groups to associate with the search. Each group maintains a statistics aggregation for its associated searches. You can retrieve these stats using the indices stats API.

      API name: stats

    • storedFields

      public final java.util.List<java.lang.String> storedFields()
      List of stored fields to return as part of a hit. If no fields are specified, no stored fields are included in the response. If this field is specified, the _source parameter defaults to false. You can pass _source: true to return both source fields and stored fields in the search response.

      API name: stored_fields

    • suggest

      @Nullable public final Suggester suggest()
      API name: suggest
    • terminateAfter

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Long terminateAfter()
      Maximum number of documents to collect for each shard. If a query reaches this limit, Elasticsearch terminates the query early. Elasticsearch collects documents before sorting. Defaults to 0, which does not terminate query execution early.

      API name: terminate_after

    • timeout

      @Nullable public final java.lang.String timeout()
      Specifies the period of time to wait for a response from each shard. If no response is received before the timeout expires, the request fails and returns an error. Defaults to no timeout.

      API name: timeout

    • trackScores

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean trackScores()
      If true, calculate and return document scores, even if the scores are not used for sorting.

      API name: track_scores

    • trackTotalHits

      @Nullable public final TrackHits trackTotalHits()
      Number of hits matching the query to count accurately. If true, the exact number of hits is returned at the cost of some performance. If false, the response does not include the total number of hits matching the query. Defaults to 10,000 hits.

      API name: track_total_hits

    • version

      @Nullable public final java.lang.Boolean version()
      If true, returns document version as part of a hit.

      API name: version

    • waitForCompletionTimeout

      @Nullable public final Time waitForCompletionTimeout()
      Specify the time that the request should block waiting for the final response

      API name: wait_for_completion_timeout

    • serialize

      public void serialize​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
      Serialize this object to JSON.
      Specified by:
      serialize in interface JsonpSerializable
    • serializeInternal

      protected void serializeInternal​( generator, JsonpMapper mapper)
    • setupSubmitRequestDeserializer

      protected static void setupSubmitRequestDeserializer​(ObjectDeserializer<SubmitRequest.Builder> op)
    • createSubmitEndpoint

      public static <TDocument> Endpoint<SubmitRequest,​SubmitResponse<TDocument>,​ErrorResponse> createSubmitEndpoint​(JsonpDeserializer<TDocument> tDocumentDeserializer)
      Create an "async_search.submit" endpoint.